Best Tools for The Lawyers Today

All Lawyer’s Tools

As you people know that Lawyers are concerned with the court, and yet they are involved working with the experts, colleagues and opposing counsel, they need such tools that are helpful for them in their working. So, I am going to tell you some of the most important tools which are concerned with the legal technology and appreciated by the lawyers. During the last seven years, many developments have taken place in the technology system, and so many collaboration tools have been changed while some of the tools remained unchanged. In this article, I will tell you about the new happenings in the technology world occurred this year 2016. This will help lawyers as well as solos to perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Best Tools for The Lawyers Today

There is not just one great tool for lawyers, but several tools are available for different tasks. lawyers beaumont tx. Below is the list of the tools that are very important for the lawyers even they can’t live without these tools.

  • Dropbox:

This tool provides the service of synchronization. This will make all your files sync to the multiple machines, for example, on your laptops, mobile devices or desktops. It’s very simple and easy to start with this tool. You just need to download it from the play store and start with their free application software, dropping your all files for sync on the Dropbox. Now, with your permission any device can use to modify or access those files and folders.

  • Evernote:

Just like drop box, Evernote runs on your laptops, mobile devices, and desktops. This tool is helpful in taking notes. This app is a must for lawyers to take pictures and record audio files as well. Your smartphone will have all the important notes that you captured from Evernote.

  • MyFax And Fax:

These are the fax services tools that are very useful in receiving and sending faxes online. What a great tool it is! You don’t need a big fax machine at all. You can combine it with a scanner and enjoy working in a paperless office.

  • Skype:

It’s the best and the cheapest tool for communication throughout the world. You can say that it’s like a swiss army knife that reduces your telephonic expenses. The best call quality, instant message and video conferencing, developed for free. Yes, now you can use Skype globally for free. You can also make non-skype phones for an additional fee.

  • Square:

Now with the square, life becomes easier. You can collect your credit cards using Square. When you install the app, the headphone jack of your iPhone or Android system gets connected with a small credit card reader. When you make any transaction, 2.75 % rate is detected on each transaction you made which is reasonable.

  • Rocket Matter:

Specially designed software for lawyers that is helpful in tracking cases, invoice clients and bill time using a browser. This tool is just fantastic at all. It deals with phone messaging, task management, case management, calendaring and other needs required legally by the law office.

Toodledo – A Productivity Tool:

Here I am going to introduce a single great tool for lawyers which manages task online named “Toodledo.” Using this, you can make different folders for your projects and add tasks to each project. Give each task a starting date and an ending date as well. It will help you to remember about the remaining time left for the project. You can add notes to it, set the task importance as well and you can also try some other stuff as well. You can add subtasks for about $15 per year only.

Keep yourself up-to-date and perform your tasks accordingly with the tools mentioned above.


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