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Best Messenger Application for Andorid


Best messenger applications for android users

Best Messenger Living in the Era of Technology where a user has multiple options to communicate with anyone round the globe, there is a list of application a user can use to send multiple number of text without paying any specific charges other than net data package. Isn’t it incredible? The technology has given us so many different services and the list of services isn’t it incredible!
The usage of the Traditional Text message is now becoming rare. Nowadays million of users of internet are using multiple applications to message. This article is to give you information about the list of best flexible application for an android user. And help you to introduce with numerous applications to chat, voice call and even maintain complete privacy of the user. An android user has a wide option list to get free message service from various providers. These providers are not only free but also authenticated.

A user will face no error of face any difficulty while using these applications until and unless the internet connection is weak. All a user need to do is have a good internet connection to make use of these numerous services.
Many of the users are unaware of the other good messaging applications other than WhatsApp , but there are number of applications that can help a user to message.
1) Wechat Application – One of the most used applications, which has 700 million active users round the globe. This application is so flexible that it is available on android phones, Iphones , Blackberry, Windows Phone as well as on the Symbian phones.

Features of the application

2) Facebook Messenger – One of the most common and widely used application to connect to a large number of users in the world is Facebook. Facebook messenger is an application that not only provides the user with an ease to function but also provides an additional feature where the user does not necessarily have to share their phone number. The application has 1 billion active users and the number of users keep increasing everyday. The application is available on android phones, Iphones , Blackberry, Windows Phone as well as on web.

Features of the FB Messenger application.

Whatsapp App – one of the most known application for android users is whatsapp . we all are aware of it, as India is one of the top users of this application. And everybody nowadays mostly use this application to communicate.

The application has an user base of 700 million users and 25million people download the application daily. It is one of the most widely used application. Whatsapp is now become a charm because of its additional feature of Voice calling, people use it on a large number to make whatsapp calls to their friends and near ones.

All you need is a internet connection. Basically it acts like one shop stop for the application users and this Is what makes it more popular.
Features of Whatsapp

Viber APP – Viber is one of the familiar applications to the android users, it has a user base of 280 million registered users. This application is so flexible that it is available on various platforms on android phones, Iphones , Blackberry, Windows Phone ,Symbian phones, Bada , Mac and OS and Microsoft windows.
Features of Viber App

KIK Application  – want to stay anonymous ? and still chat? Well Kik is one of the best applications to have a wide connect with a large number of audience and can even be friends with new people! Intriguing isn’t it? Well this application allows the user to not only hide her/ his identity but also maintain complete privacy. Kik has more then 100 million active users and is one of the most loved application.
Features of KIK :

The application also got an award in the year 2014 of ‘ Smarties award’ by the Mobile Marketing Association MMA.
This is all about the best list of applications a user can download to make optimum utilization of free platform services for messaging. They not only provide the user to with the service of messaging but also allow them to make video calls, voice calls and even voice messages , one can even share all forms of media and contacts via these applications. This article is a complete guide of what all applications a user should download to get free services!